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ecdl 5 - European Computer Driving Licence

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The new ECDL 5 (European Computer Driving Licence) is a highly recognised qualification among offices, it offers the individual a key recognition of their competence and literacy in computer skills. The record breaking ECDL is the fastest growing IT user qualification in over 125 countries.

The ECDL training course involves key areas in the field of Information Technology, such as office applications like Word processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, e-mails and communication software. It also covers the basis of operating systems, explains the history of PCs and the internet, and also basic lectures on computer hardware.

The ECDL certification training is designed for complete beginners and will get you to a high computer literacy standard, enhancing your career prospects. It's a perfect start for people who have never used a computer before or for those who have some computer experience but no formal qualification proving their knowledge or skills.


In an office environment, staff who have gained the ECDL will become more confident and efficient in using computers, greater employee motivation, increased productivity and reducing time wasted on solving computer related tasks. An extensive number of companies in the UK have already set ECDL as the benchmark for computer skills, including NHS, HSBC and Sainburys.


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ECDL Training   ECDL Certification Course

Earn on Average £22,400 with the ECDL in the UK
The ECDL is a widely recognised office qualification, with the average wage of £22,400pa in the UK. It has become the computer literacy standard for many organisations, such as the NHS. Here's a breakdown of the range of career entry opportunities new candidates with basic IT literacy may enjoy:

  • Project Management Training Course1st and some 2nd line IT support to large user communities;
  • Office-based jobs;
  • Teaching jobs;
  • Healthcare jobs;
  • Secretarial - bookkeeping,Typing & MS Office Skills - jobs.
  • Basic computer house-keeping;
  • European IT Trainer;
  • IT Trainer Microsoft Office;

Microsoft Office tought programs, as part of the ECDL training package - i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint - will help advance your career by giving you a crucial competitive edge for achieving success. Studies show that employers are more likely to hire candidates with these computer skills.


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